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Awyn Dawn


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Paganism for Prisoners: Connecting to the Magic Within

December 08, 2021

Paganism for Prisoners is the first book written by Awyn Dawn. Inspired by her own incarceration, and her volunteer work with DOC, this book provides an opportunity for individuals to connect with the divine. It is not just for those who have been incarcerated, this is a great resource for anyone who wants to hone their intuition and do shadow work. 


"This is absolutely, 100%, hands down one of the best Paganism/Witchcraft 101 style books I have ever read."

-Magical Buffet

"She gets straight to the point, cuts through the woo-woo, and encourages sincere personal reflection and growth. I wish all inmates seeking to learn more could have access to this book."

-Holli S. Emore, Cherry Hill Seminary

"For several years, Dawn has been explaining elements, divination, intuition, rituals, devotions, symbols, animal helpers, ethics in magic, the wheel of the year, and the afterlife to prisoners, and in this book she summarizes these teachings in the ways of an excellent communicator. The language is broad and accessible."     

- Jon M. Sweeney,

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Paganism on Parole: Connecting to the Magic All Around

November 08, 2022

In this engaging follow-up to Paganism for Prisoners (9780738767864), Awyn Dawn explores what it means to be a Pagan who has recently been released from prison. She teaches former prisoners how to begin a new practice or expand the practice they enjoyed on the inside without jeopardizing their future goals.

This book provides uplifting advice for working with the magical tools that parolees are allowed to have, finding a supportive community, coming out of the broom closet, and repairing damaged relationships. Readers can cast spells, leave offerings for the gods, consider different views on magical ethics, learn to energetically protect themselves, experience the power of meditation, and more. With this book, Pagan parolees will deepen their spiritual practice in a way that nurtures their body, mind, and soul while supporting their successful integration back into society.


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